5 ‘E’s to Creating a Learning Organization

September 25, 2018
5 ‘E’s to Creating a Learning Organization

When you’re committed to creating a learning organization, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here’s are five things to remember.

1. Evaluate the current status.

If you’re creating a learning organization, you need to start by understanding the current status of your organization.

What’s your culture? Are people open to feedback, or are they afraid to be challenged? Do people make decisions based on information or their personal biases? Are people growing and developing skills, or are they stagnating?

Be honest with this evaluation. A healthy learning organization welcomes all information and feedback, even when it’s negative.

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2. Engage your leaders.

When you’re creating a learning organization, your leaders are key. They can keep their teams engaged and maintain momentum when you aren’t around.

Get your leaders together and ask them to share their goals. Work together to develop shared goals for your learning organization, as well as ways to measure progress.

Then continue to meet regularly to review progress. As you are creating a learning organization, keep your leaders engaged throughout the process.

3. Ensure buy-in from your team.

Getting your leaders engaged isn’t enough. If you want a healthy sustainable learning organization, the whole team needs to be invested.

When you implement learning initiatives, ensure that the team understands your goals and has the ability to share their own ideas and perspectives.

Throughout any changes you make, ensure that you get buy-in from your team at each step along the way.

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4. Enable communication.

As you are working on creating a learning organization, keep communication front of mind.

Enable multiple channels of communication at every level of your organization. Make sure to keep people up to date through any changes you make. Don’t expect people to do the work to figure things out – be proactive.

One of the most common frustrations when organizations experience any sort of change is confusion about what’s happening. When people don’t know what’s going on, they tend to jump to the worst possible conclusions. You can make things easier by communicating more than you think is necessary.

5. Encourage feedback.

The most important type of communication when you are creating a learning organization is feedback.

Feedback is a critical component of any learning organization. Through soliciting and reviewing feedback, you can learn what’s working and where to improve.

Encourage your team to give you feedback, and don't punish people who provide negative feedback. Instead, look for what you can learn to make things even better.

Your Ideas for Creating a Learning Organization

Do you have any ideas for creating a learning organization? I’d love to read about them in the comments!

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