Communication services can often be viewed as a commodity. However, the multi-step sell requires something much different than a transactional deal. For the communication services field, expectations are constantly changing and requiring more output for stagnant or lower costs. A consultative sales method is required in these types of selling environments. We work with companies in this sector to ensure selling doesn’t get inhibited by outdated practices and techniques.

We work with communication services companies to:
  • Establish sales territories to ensure complete market expansion
  • Create structure in large, complex sales teams
  • Establish coaching, goal setting, and accountability methods
  • Build effective and simple CRM practices
  • Create realistic sales goals and effective time management techniques
  • Generate leads with sales and supporting functions
  • Strategize and align messaging for marketing and sales functions
  • Analyze and evolve sales and management practices
  • Forecast sales based on analytics and data
  • Train leaders on established management techniques
  • Turn salespeople into dynamic problem solvers
  • Build a sales organization to sustain and promote long-term growth


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