The Criteria for Success Breakthrough Sales Training is the foundation for our sales training curriculum. It’s this training that lays down the philosophical groundwork for all of our methodologies and processes. To plan your Breakthrough Sales Training, we start with an analysis of your current goals and common problems. Then, we develop a custom curriculum based on our best-practice modules to meet your specific needs.

We believe salespeople should approach buyers from a perspective of adding value. That’s why our mission is to “Enable Buying in a World of Selling.” We also believe the best way to learn is through discovery. Each training at Criteria for Success enables discovery through collaboration and problem-solving.

What You'll Get:
  • A workbook to drive immediate implementation of sales improvement. This workbook is also your first step towards properly documenting your team’s tribal knowledge.
  • Elements of a tried-and-true Sales PlayBook for your company. These elements create an established system for selling based on the Criteria for Success training methods. This system defines a clear structure for selling to drive ongoing sales improvement.
  • Tools you can implement instantly to maximize growth and achieve goals.
  • Improved team relationships and a new-found trust discovered in our collaborative activities and role-practicing. Our trainings require high levels of participation and feedback that, in turn, create unity on sales teams.
Training Options: