The Criteria for Success Sales Exploration is the benchmark of our clients’ sales success. It’s a snapshot of your team’s current standing in terms of culture, accountability, and process. This analysis is the jumping-off-point to our Sales Growth Program and enables us to customize our program to meet your team’s specific needs.

We work with clients to customize exploration surveys. This way, the language resonates with different teams and the questions are focused on the most important issues.

Based on the discoveries in the survey, we craft a report to share insights, disconnects, and areas of improvement with leadership. This report drives sales growth initiatives throughout the remainder of our engagement with our clients.

During the Sales Exploration, we get to know you, your team, your culture, and the best points of leverage to encourage immediate improvement.

What we do:
  • Bridge the gap between leadership and sales through custom surveys and interviews. We work with your company to determine what types of questions should go into the surveys and who should complete them. We also interview key members of the sales organization to find gaps in process and red flags in culture.
  • Ensure technology optimization by analyzing how you’re using the software you’ve invested in. We’ll make sure CRM is being utilized properly and efficiently. If you don’t have a CRM system, we’ll help you discover which ones best fit your needs and work with your team to roll it out.
  • Clarify the different functions in your organization to ensure everyone is doing their part to grow sales. By collaborating with our clients, we identify the expectations of each function and how they’re related to one another.
  • Uncover the truth of sales practices by attending sales meetings as both a known and unknown observer. We’ll evaluate what you’re measuring and discussing, as well as how the team relates to each other and to managers.
  • Identify KPIs that lead to sales growth. We work with our clients to brainstorm the proper leading indicators that should be tracked to ensure success. Whether it’s something you’re already tracking or something brand new, we will help you understand what these KPIs mean and why they matter to your company.