To be successful in today’s business climate, marketing and sales must function as one cohesive unit. Leads are generated by marketing and passed on to sales. If both teams aren’t on the same page, marketing will bring in the wrong leads and sales will sell to the wrong people.

We work with clients to align their company’s sales and marketing activities and messaging as well as promote effective communication and collaboration.

We also work with clients to align their marketing strategies to the inbound methodology. This happens through strategic consulting meetings, an analysis of current and past marketing efforts, review of systems and platforms, planning and KPI suggestions, buyer persona creation, and a content writing workshop.

What We Do:
  • Define the functions of marketing and sales so your teams can focus on activities that drive growth. Each role within sales and marketing should work cohesively with the overall growth strategy of your company.
  • Establish a buyer-focused marketing strategy that will generate inbound leads for your company. The most successful marketers and sales professionals focus on providing value to the buyer. When this occurs, sales occur more naturally. We collaborate with clients to help them create an inbound strategy that focuses on search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, and meaningful relationships.
  • Encourage collaboration and idea generation by including key marketing roles in relevant sales training events. Teamwork is further promoted by incorporating proprietary tools used and built by both teams into these trainings. Discovery and learning create ownership in a method or idea, and working together in trainings allows sales and marketing to share a common language.
  • Track and analyze KPIs chosen by management in the beginning of the program. We work with clients to ensure that KPIs tell the right stories and can provide the right insights. If KPIs are indicating that something isn’t working, we consult with the client to discover new strategies and pivot to achieve success.