Build a Sustainable Learning Culture in 4 Steps

September 5, 2018
Build a Sustainable Learning Culture in 4 Steps

Are you trying to build a sustainable learning culture? It can be easy to implement one-time learning events, but a sustainable learning culture is different.

In a sustainable learning culture, you don’t always have to push – people actually want to learn. And rather than one person taking the lead, everyone is involved in learning and growth.

Here are 4 steps to build a sustainable learning culture.

1. Make learning part of everyday activities.

If you want to build a sustainable learning culture, learning needs to happen often, and it can’t always be a big event. Instead, look for ways to focus on learning in everyday activities and events.

Here are some ideas:

2. Implement changes based on learning and feedback.

When you’re trying to build a sustainable learning culture, people will look to see what you do based on what you learn.

If you consistently ask for feedback and suggestions, but never change anything, your people will stop giving you ideas. Keep your team engaged by making things happen. And communicate throughout the process so people know what’s going on.

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3. Ensure that your leaders lead.

Any time you want to change culture, leaders are key. To build a sustainable learning culture, your leaders need to buy in and drive change.

One of the most important thing leaders can do to improve your learning culture is be open to feedback. Leaders need to be willing to learn, which requires that they are willing to be wrong.

If leaders lead by example, the team will notice and be more willing to learn themselves.

4. Get everyone involved.

While leaders are key in building a sustainable learning culture, to make it sustainable everyone needs to be involved.

One of the best ways to get the team involved is to implement a peer coaching or mentoring program. Give your team members the opportunity to coach and develop their peers and new hires. They’ll teach, but they’ll also learn.

Additionally, look for ways to get your team involved in any training or learning events. Your team will be more likely to respect an example they hear from a peer than irrelevant training examples.

Are you ready to build a sustainable learning culture?

I hope this post gave you some ideas for how you can work to build a sustainable learning culture in your organization! If you have any more ideas, please share them in the comments.

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