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“73% of Best-in-Class organizations deploy a central repository of sales best practices and tools.” –Aberdeen Research

Years of client engagements, thought leadership, and research have enabled us to build Collavia®, the Digital Sales PlayBook. Collavia takes the basic idea of a Sales PlayBook and combines it with collaboration functionality. Collaboration is at the forefront of our PlayBook. In fact, Collavia’s name itself is derived from the word.

Collavia stores your company’s invaluable tribal knowledge. In other words, it stores all of the vital information making your company successful that, in the past, only existed in your employee’s heads. The proprietary tools and templates in the PlayBook serve as the foundation we help you build on by adding the best practices of your top performers.

Collavia is the transformation tool your company needs to revolutionize the way you sell. With Collavia, you can:

Transform Lead Generation (Prospecting)

Lead generation is not a game of luck. In fact, it is the function that bridges sales and marketing together. The key to high-impact lead generation is consistency between both functions. This means the same messaging, the same targets, and the same expectations of one another. When this occurs, the number of new quality opportunities increases steadily over time.

Unify Selling Best Practices

Much of selling is repetitive; similar needs, problems, requests, and so on. Top salespeople learn the ropes through trial and error mixed with intuition. Imagine how powerful it would be for those salespeople to have a repeatable system in place that can be taught, transferred, evolved, and referenced by the entire team. What could occur for your company if your salespeople could skip the trial and error and jump right into success?

Activate Cross-Functional Collaboration

Collaboration and a strong support structure are essential to establishing and replicating selling best practices. Effective sales support generally comprises three areas: management, marketing, and operations. Sales management provides the structure and accountability, marketing supports the sales team through lead generation and messaging, and operations provides subject-matter expertise for day-to-day selling in your organization.

Drive Adoption and Consistency

Efficient, consistent selling relies on well-functioning systems. Systems should work to support your sales activities, rather than push against them. Your systems should provide the information your team needs to follow up on leads, move prospects through the sales cycle, keep customers happy, and make informed selling decisions. If they don’t, adoption won’t occur, and your company will suffer from bad data and incorrect forecasting.

Leverage Tribal Knowledge

Whether you’re preparing for a future valuation, are being acquired, or are simply looking to standardize your sales function, you must leverage tribal knowledge. Tribal knowledge is all of the information that your employees have learned over their tenure that exists only in their minds. In order to be the most successful version of your company, tribal knowledge must be stored in a place that is accessible to all team members, such as a Sales PlayBook. This way, all processes, ideas, tools, and methods are employable, no matter who leaves your company.

The Collavia Sales PlayBook is the bridge between our training and consulting modules. It ensures training adoption and success long after your program with Criteria for Success ends.