4 Benefits of a Learning Culture that Every Manager Should Know

September 13, 2018
4 Benefits of a Learning Culture that Every Manager Should Know

As a sales manager, the benefits of a learning culture affect you and your team tremendously.

Teams with learning cultures value official training and unofficial, social teaching.  Leaders invest in their reps by sharing knowledge and utilizing the that of their reps as well.  They seek to empower and build up their people.  Companies that encourage learning promote growth, combat complacency, oppose stagnation, and stimulate the spread of creative ideas.

The following 4 benefits derived from a learning culture will make you consider implementing one into your own company.

4 Benefits of a Learning Culture that Every Manager Should Know

1. Increased Engagement

Sales reps will be more committed to your company if you are committed to them. They want to know that you are dedicated to their personal and professional growth. When you devote time to teaching your employees, they will feel more valued.  They will enjoy coming to work, learn from their coworkers, and share their own knowledge.  When employees feel heard and appreciated, they contribute to a positive work environment and become more productive.

2. Increased Productivity

Continuing on my last point, sales reps that are more engaged tend to be more productive. Through training and social learning, they learn to problem-solve and to accomplish tasks without hand-holding. Rather than waiting on a fellow coworker or more senior employee to help them, they will be able to quickly complete it on their own and move on.

Employees thriving in the benefits of a learning culture save time and energy. They also spend more time selling and less time sourcing answers.  In the end, reps that gain knowledge, insights, and skills from their company will reciprocate with hard work.

3. Employee Retention

Of this list of benefits of a learning culture, one of the most important is employee retention. Luckily, all of the aforementioned benefits help to keep talented reps with your company.

While dedicated sales reps are willing to devote themselves to a company, they have certain expectations for reciprocation.  Unless a manager wants to constantly give out raises, he or she needs to add value for team members in other ways.

This, of course, means providing them with useful knowledge and skills that can help them improve their work and advance in their career (ideally at your company).

4. Attracting Talent

From the very first interview, having a culture of learning is apparent. Prospective employees will be able to see, hear, and sense this culture from the moment they enter the conference room.

Learning cultures are so important when it comes to attracting talent, places like Google make their employees set aside learning time. They also offer different types of classes to help their employees grow both professionally and personally. This is how they differentiate themselves against other tech giants and attract top talent.

Are you convinced yet? Do you see the true benefits of a learning culture and why your sales team needs one?

At the end of the day, a culture of learning is simply a rewarding investment into your current and future sales reps and company as a whole.

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