Criteria for Success has trained thousands of CEOs, Sales Managers, and Salespeople on the elements of a winning Sales PlayBook, how to promote cross-functional collaboration, building and maintaining strong business relationships, and more.

Our speakers use an active learning approach to engage the audience, encouraging and enabling audience members to create sales success within their own companies.


1. A Well-Organized Sales Campaign

Duration: 3-hour workshop | Audience: All sales organizations

This workshop examines the core elements of a winning Sales PlayBook and how its unique tools can drive effective sales activities within your company.

The foundation of a well-organized sales campaign is a Sales PlayBook. The Sales PlayBook is a storehouse for all of your company’s tribal knowledge, like best practices and processes.

During this workshop, we’ll discuss why building a customized Sales PlayBook can help inspire growth within your company, examine the elements of a winning PlayBook, and go over tools your team can use to improve sales.

And, you will discover why the effectiveness of your organization’s sales campaign can either promote or inhibit sales growth. Lastly, we’ll help you develop a plan for implementation.

Audience Takeaways:

  1. How and why documenting your organization’s tribal knowledge is the key to sales success
  2. Elements of a tried-and-true Sales PlayBook for your company
  3. Tools you can implement immediately to maximize sales growth


2. How to Build a Winning Sales Team

Duration: 3-hour workshop | Audience: CEOs and VPs

This workshop demonstrates how leaders can support and grow their sales team by implementing a Sales PlayBook.

Growth is top of mind for any seasoned executive. But what creates growth? Sales. It’s the heart of every company. And without it, your organization would cease to exist. The most fundamental way to support your sales team and inspire growth is by building a storehouse for all of your company’s tribal knowledge, or best practices and processes. This can help your sales team stay on track throughout the sales cycle, increase accountability, and promote cross-functional collaboration. During this workshop, you’ll discover how best to support and grow your sales team through the use of a Sales PlayBook. We’ll address the different elements of a winning Sales PlayBook and how leveraging its power can help inspire growth within your company. You’ll also learn the most foundational qualities of a world-class sales team.

Audience Takeaways:

  1. How and why documenting your organization’s tribal knowledge is the key to sales growth
  2. Elements of a tried-and-true Sales PlayBook for your company
  3. How sales teams for best-in-class organizations utilize their Sales PlayBook to grow sales


3. How to Use the 6 Degrees of Client Relationships to Your Advantage

Duration: 90-minute workshop | Audience: All sales organizations

This workshop demonstrates the delicate balance between cross-functional collaboration and building client relationships. 

Developing strong client relationships is the backbone of any business. Experts in the sales and marketing use different processes to define the status of client relationships. Some follow a standard “sales funnel” approach, while others use a “buyer’s journey.” And of course, some use both. We certainly see the value in the sales funnel approach and the buyer’s journey – that’s why we use the “Client Evolution Model.” It combines the best of both worlds: the activities performed by both teams to move a prospective client up the relationship chart. In this workshop, we’ll explore the six degrees of customer relationships and how to use each to your advantage.

Audience Takeaways:

  • A clear understanding of the different levels of relationships that drive the “why” and “how” you do business in your market and territories
  • How to apply multiple dimensions of planning and execution to each level of relationship
  • How to align key functions in your organization, including Sales, Marketing, Recruiting, Operations, and Finance

Keynote: Enabling Buying in a World of Selling

Duration: 1 hour | Audience: All sales organizations

Enabling buying demands that you stop selling. Instead, encourage buyers to discover the value of your solution for themselves. Put simply, it’s all about show: don’t tell. Think of yourself as the buyer. Do you really want to be sold? Do you care what salesperson X has to say about their offering? Especially when it’s not what you actually need or even asked for? Salespeople work tirelessly to transform sales into a science. The list of tips, techniques, and tricks they are taught to sell faster and better is endless. This method of selling is all about the seller and what they want to happen. The truth is, this strategy rarely impacts buying. Enabling buying shifts the focus onto the buyer. In other words, it promotes discovery-based selling. Instead of talking at buyers, guiding questions are asked to help them realize their own problems. By doing this, buyers discover the benefit of your solution as an investment rather than as a cost. The philosophy of “enabling buying” or “discovery” extends far beyond the buyer/seller relationship to enrich all professional relationships. It encourages both parties to adopt a problem-solving mindset and work to create a win-win.

Audience Takeaways:

  1. Why sellers should lead with integrity and set a foundation that allows for both parties to achieve a “win-win”
  2. How sellers can unearth true concerns and position solutions to address buyer needs
  3. How applying the principles of enabling buying benefits all professional relationships