Sales & Leadership Training

We offer training for sales teams of any size.

In our Breakthrough Sales Training, we unlock the potential of any and all trainees we work with. We specialize in discovery-based selling, helping our sellers to enable their prospects to buy.

Our Leadership Trainings include comprehensive resources on how to be a successful manager, coach, and collaborator, and curriculums on how to develop strong sales teams and people, client relationships, and more.

We understand that everybody learns differently and has their own style, which is why we have resources available across all mediums. Whether it be a webinar, an eBook, a podcast, tips from our video library, or a blog post, there's something for everyone at CFS.

In a B2B organization, a well-implemented training program is more likely to be successful and enduring than a one-off sales training. Here at CFS, we alternate between leadership and sales training over a 12-week period, and meet with executives every two weeks to monitor progress and advise on critical performance indicators.

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Our Training Programs