Financial services spans areas from wealth management to banking. We work with companies in this sector to create systems and processes to support non-sales professionals as they learn to sell in a way that is comfortable for them.

We often find that clients in this area have historically relied on a few “rainmakers” to bring in business, often from networks they’ve built over decades. When these rainmakers retire or want to take a step back from selling to focus on long-term strategy, they often realize there is not enough selling activity happening within the rest of the firm.

We work with financial services companies to:
  • Teach employees to sell in an environment where they’re also a trusted partner
  • Instruct financial professionals how to sell in a capacity that feels natural
  • Establish a sales leadership function to focus on managing revenue growth and business development
  • Advise employees on how to run a discovery meeting with potential clients
  • Set realistic forecasting goals on how much new business your team can bring in as well as the capacity of new clients your company can support
  • Establish scalable methods for asking for referrals and networking
  • Design a customized client evolution model to move client relationship
  • Encourage sales philosophies of being a problem solver and not just a seller
  • Improve the value of your service to attract higher-wealth clients


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