The energy sector is changing rapidly. Between green energy initiatives and natural gas fracking, companies must stay on the cutting edge. Often times, energy is viewed as a commodity, but it doesn’t have to be. To compete, you must create a solution that’s beyond a simple transactional product. Whether it’s pivoting around your client’s needs or offering solutions they didn’t know they needed, it’s important to remain consultative.

We work with energy companies to:
  • Establish sales territories to support market expansion
  • Create realistic sales goals and effective time management techniques to manage sales
  • Generate leads with sales and supporting functions
  • Strategize and align messaging for marketing and sales functions
  • Analyze and evolve current sales and management practices
  • Strategize and roll out effective CRM practices
  • Forecast sales based on analytics and data
  • Train leaders on established management techniques
  • Enable a culture of accountability through peer coaching and goal setting
  • Create structure in large, complex sales teams
  • Turn salespeople into dynamic problem solvers
  • Build a sales organization to sustain and promote long-term growth
  • Balance subject-matter expertise and selling ability


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