Sales Communication Evaluation – Score Your Team

July 27, 2022
Sales Communication Evaluation – Score Your Team

Sales communication is a vital skill for salespeople. If you boil down the key elements of selling, almost all of them are related to communication.

If you are wondering how your team stacks up, use this tool to score your team’s sales communication skills.

Rate each element on a 5-point scale, where 1 represents little to no skill and 5 represents expertise.

Sales Communication with…

1. Prospects

  • Do your salespeople send clear, actionable follow-ups after meetings?
  • Are the quotes your team gives accurate?
  • Do your salespeople follow up quickly on leads that are assigned to them?
  • How well do your salespeople introduce themselves and your company to prospective clients and partners?
  • Can your salespeople effectively talk to prospects and answer questions about your offering?

2. Clients

  • How well do your salespeople communicate when they are onboarding new customers?
  • Can your salespeople handle problems and disputes professionally?
  • How well do your salespeople proactively communicate when they manage accounts?
  • How effective are your salespeople at presenting upsell opportunities?
  • Do your salespeople effectively ask for referrals?
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3. Management

  • How accurate are your sales forecasts, both amounts and close dates?
  • Do your salespeople update their pipelines promptly?
  • Are your salespeople proactive about scheduling one-on-one meetings?
  • Do your salespeople reach out to you for coaching and help with brainstorming and role practicing sales scenarios?

4. Marketing

  • Do your salespeople share ideas and trends with marketing?
  • How well do your salespeople use the tools provided by marketing, such as scripts and templates?
  • Do your salespeople provide constructive feedback to the marketing team on the tools they are given?
  • Are your salespeople prompt with their requests to marketing, such as RRP and proposal support?

5. Other Departments

  • How well do your salespeople escalate issues to customer service?
  • Do your salespeople effectively hand new customers off to the delivery team when they close deals?

Now that you’ve scored your sales team, add up the numbers. The highest possible score is 100 – how close did your team get? If your team scored below 75, you may have a sales communication problem.

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If you noticed a weakness in one specific area of sales communication, consider developing a sales training program to boost your team’s skills. Check out our resource on selecting a sales training partner.

How do you evaluate interdepartmental communication? Tell us in the comments and be sure to check out our podcast, Let's Talk Sales!

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