For American Industrial companies, there is significant price consciousness. Typically, US products are more expensive than imported manufactured items. Companies in this sector must balance regulations, tariffs, and policies along with innovation and marketplace demand. Additionally, salespeople must navigate through a complex sell where buyers may not be experts themselves. We help companies in this area sell solutions that cannot be undercut by goods made by international manufacturers while maintaining a cutting-edge sales process.

We work with industrial companies to:
  • Effectively demonstrate value to prospects and buyers
  • Establish sales territories and specific roles within each territory
  • Turn salespeople into dynamic problem solvers
  • Create accountability through peer-to-peer coaching and dynamic goal setting
  • Build effective and simple CRM practices
  • Create realistic sales goals and robust time management techniques to manage sales
  • Work with sales and supporting functions to generate leads
  • Strategize and align messaging for marketing and sales functions
  • Train leaders on established management techniques
  • Teach salespeople to be dynamic problem solvers


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