Professional services spans across many different types of businesses such as consulting firms and law practices. In these businesses, there may not always be a dedicated business development team. Instead, everyone is expected to bring in new business. This requires a very strict balance of selling and delivery time for everyone or an allocation of specific employees. And, if there is no specific business development team, there is often no one that owns sales leadership, which creates a lack of accountability. We work with professional services firms to help them effectively sell their solutions whether they have a dedicated business development team or expect everyone to pitch in.

We work with professional services companies to:
  • Figure out who is developing new business and who has the ability to get involved
  • Establish realistic revenue goals and effective time management techniques to manage business development
  • Create accountability around selling roles and expectations
  • Customize an effective CRM approach to document all client relationships and prospecting interactions
  • Strategize and align messaging for marketing and business development functions
  • Promote discovery based selling and consultative selling conversations
  • Generate leads with business development and supporting functions
  • Leverage client relationships to create future opportunities from existing business
  • Train leadership on managing a complex business development team
  • Teach negotiation skills for selling at an executive level and getting into targeted departments


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