From medical devices and pharmaceuticals to benefits, the way you reach buyers in this industry is constantly evolving. Businesses in this category must adapt to the digital transformation that is occurring. And wherever you are in the health and wellness field, it’s all about bridging the gap between the science behind your solution and the value you are offering.

We work with health and wellness companies to:
  • Teach salespeople how to be consultative sellers
  • Work with sales and supporting functions to generate leads
  • Teach the sales team to leverage centers of influence
  • Set achievable growth targets for both the company and new hires
  • Designate sales territories
  • Establish proper hiring and onboarding protocol
  • Determine the actual hard skills any one salesperson needs
  • Balance subject matter expertise vs. selling ability
  • Analyze and understand your business model to give proper advice
  • Train leadership on managing a complex sales team


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