Inspirational Quote by Louise von François

June 12, 2020
Inspirational Quote by Louise von François

Today's quote is from Louise von François is about active listening.

Read on to learn more about this week's Let's Talk Sales inspiration!

Louise von François Quote

Louise von François was a German writer, best known for her historical novel Die letzte Reckenburgerin.

She said:

“We never listen when we are eager to speak.”

-Louise von François

Resources on Remote Work & Productivity

Adjusting to remote work (or managing a remote sales team) is not without its challenges.

As sales leaders, it's our job to put together processes for both ourselves and our teams to follow. It's also important for us to improve our mindset and create an environment, both in our homes and virtually, that fosters productivity.

Below are some of our best resources on remote work & productivity:

1. eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Managing a Remote Team

Managing a remote sales team is not without its challenges. On-boarding, training, check-ins, and maintaining camaraderie becomes difficult when teams are scattered around the country or around the globe.

But managing a remote sales team is not impossible. In fact, remote teams can be incredibly successful. And they have a much greater reach than a singular local sales team would.

If you’re exploring the possibility of going “remote,” adding new territories, or if you’re already managing a remote sales team, this eBook is here to help guide you.

The Ultimate Guide to Managing a Remote Sales Team
Download Now

2. Template: D.E.A.L Email Template

Use our D.E.A.L. system to lay out a road map for activities that will keep your prospect interested.

D.E.A.L. emails are guaranteed to:

  • Reduce salesperson workload by streamlining the follow-up process.
  • Minimize confusion by creating a historical record of the sales conversation.
  • Prioritize salesperson activity by helping them see which prospects are the most engaged in the process.
D.E.A.L Email Template
Download Now

3. CFS Blog

Be sure to check out the CFS blog for some of our top posts on Remote Sales. Here are a few of our favorites below!

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