We want to connect your team and help them stay focused on generating business during this pandemic.

At Criteria for Success, we believe sales training should be accessible no matter where you are. That's why each of our sales and leadership training modules can be conducted in person or via live webinar.

Our Webinars Are Interactive

We use a platform called GoToWebinar to conduct our remote trainings. This platform allows for interactive exercises including polling, quizzing, surveying, and chatting. Your team will interact directly with each other and Criteria for Success facilitators to get the most out of webinar sessions.

Our Webinars Unite Teams

In the past decade, the demand for remote training to include national and international sales teams has increased exponentially. Not only does webinar-based training allow for more people to join, it creates unity in large sales organizations. Team members work together to solve real problems associated with selling your solutions.

Our Webinars Are Tailored

We want our clients to get the most out of any Criteria for Success Trainings. That's why we tailor our remote trainings to meet the needs of your sales team. We work with you to identify key pain points and subjects that will help trainings resonate more with those on your team.