What a Fire Safety Demonstration Taught Me About Sales Presentations

November 9, 2009
What a Fire Safety Demonstration Taught Me About Sales Presentations

Sales presentations don't have to be long and monotonous! Read on to learn how a fire safety officer inspired me to actually write about a usually boring meeting!

Believe it or not We had a fire drill on Friday, and unlike the countless fire safety presentations I’ve attended in the past, we all actually paid attention during this one. The reason? Our presenter made it interesting and memorable!

Here are a few quick tips for sales presentations inspired by a fire safety drill:

Be Different
Every other fire safety presentation I’ve ever been in included the same tips we’ve all heard since childhood. Walk, don’t run. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Notify people you pass who aren’t moving. I could lead that presentation myself!

Instead, our leader focused on the steps most people miss. Close the doors behind you. Move down two floors if you know there is a fire on your floor, but only exit the building if the alarm is persistent and you can’t get in touch with the lobby after multiple tries. He pointed out the unique feature on the emergency phone that indicates whether or not it is connected to a full-time monitoring station (diagonal white stripe = connected, if you’re curious).

How does this apply to sales? If you sell a product with relatively common features and benefits, what can you do in your sales presentations that’s different? Focus on the details your prospects wouldn’t be able to tell you based on a 5-minute look at your website.

Be Personal
Instead of just covering what to do in an office fire situation, our presenter gave examples of other situations in which you might hear a fire alarm – not just sitting in your home, but visiting a family member in a nursing home, attending your child’s play, etc. – and quickly covered how to react differently in those situations.

When you’re giving a sales presentations, do you take the time to think of how your prospect will be personally affected by your product or service? People buy emotionally, not rationally, so appeal to their emotions instead of just their minds.

Be Concise
I was back at my desk in 10 minutes. Just a thought!

Do you have any ideas on how to make sales presentations as enjoyable as possible for your audience? Let us know in the comments!

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