Developing client relationships doesn’t begin and end when prospects become clients. It happens long before a deal is signed and hopefully long after, too.

And not all client relationships are the same. For companies looking to build long-term relationships with clients, it’s important to have a strategic method in place. Our simple 6-category Client Evolution Model allows salespeople or account managers to quickly categorize client relationships and then build actionable sales and marketing plans.

What you’ll get:
  • Sales and marketing alignment steered by the Client Evolution Model’s structure. For each level of the model, your team will determine which sales and marketing activities must occur to move someone to a higher status.
  • A revolutionary client relations strategy driven by the unification of your sales and marketing functions. In today’s business landscape, sales and marketing must work closer together than ever before.
  • Established standards for client relationships that hold your team members accountable to nourishing and maintaining relationships.
Topic Options:
  • Evaluating Client Relationships
  • Building Relationships
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment
  • QBR – Use this to assess state of your business