When You Create Customer Relationships You Close Deals

September 7, 2017
When You Create Customer Relationships You Close Deals

To put it simply: customer relationships make it easier to sell.

I’m going to give two scenarios.

Imagine you’re selling any product or service to someone you’ve never met before. They don’t know anything about your product, and more importantly they don’t know anything about you. To them, you’re just another salesperson trying to sell them something they don’t want or need or don’t know they want or need. This sounds hard and tiresome, does it not?

Now imagine you’re selling to a buddy of yours from college. You both know one another and trust one another. There’s more to your calls than strictly business: you talk about mutual commonalities and interests. They don’t really know your product or service, but they’re more than happy to talk about it in conjunction with their career. This sounds much more enjoyable, correct?

Putting a little life into your sales process sets you apart from the rest of the sales world. No one wants to talk to a robot reading off scripts over and over again in hopes of finding one person that bites the bait.

“But how does one build such a glorious customer relationship?” you might ask. This is simple:

  • Be a human: Be yourself. Actually have a real conversation with prospects about what their goals are, projects they are working on, their basic interests and hobbies.
  • Listen to what they are saying and learn how you can genuinely help them. Listen to their stories, their concerns, and their goals. You are a resource to them: provide something to help them.
  • Be patient: Building customer relationships that last doesn’t happen overnight. Honestly, a relationship with one customer might not even lead to a sale with that customer. But with patience and nurture, the customer relationship will lead to referrals and positive word of mouth.
  • Provide content: Be an information provider to your customers. Create content for blogs, eBooks, white pages, or case studies that clients can use to keep learning about your company. Host webinars that plug your product or service in relation to solving problems that customers may have. Inbound marketing will help you to nurture and begin client relationships.
  • Stay in touch: Use the content that you’ve created to keep your customers interested. Send them new eBooks or blog posts you think they may enjoy. You could even send them a holiday email or maybe just a short staying-in-touch note.

You see, it’s pretty simple to maintain and create customer relationships. Just treat your prospects and clients with good intent and you will see results.

One of my favorite sayings is the phrase, “everyone is a human.” At the end of the day, we are all alike! Figure out how and use the similarities to build solid customer relationships.

Have any other ideas on building customer relationships? Let me know in the comments!

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