How a New CRM System Can Super-Charge Your Sales Growth

January 24, 2019
How a New CRM System Can Super-Charge Your Sales Growth

When it comes to sales, there is nothing worse than allowing an excellent lead to slip through the cracks. This can be a real morale killer. Especially, when your marketing is working with sales to find the qualified leads for the team.

Consequently, frustration builds fast.

The situation demands to improve your inside sales system to ensure that red-hot leads don’t slip through your fingers. Here’s what you can do about it.

How a New CRM System can Super-Charge your Sales Growth

Focus on What You Can Control

This means focus only on activities you can control and leave the results as they are beyond your control. At the end of the day, you simply can’t control the mind of your prospects. That being said, there are ways to improve the probability of closing by leveraging cognitive bias.

You can encourage your sales team to master some soft skills and improve their sales conversations to give themselves a better chance of closing more deals.

But again… the results are beyond your control.

Prospects may not choose to buy from you.

Even if you did everything at the apex of your ability.

But what if you find out you are losing leads through things you can actually control? For instance:

  • Late or missed follow-ups
  • Lack of communication with the prospect
  • Leads disappearing in cluttered inboxes
  • Digging messy spreadsheets to find a contact info

To avoid this, you need to develop a process to banish or reduce these instances.

Build Speed in Follow-Up Process with a CRM Solution

Without a simplified sales process, your sales managers and reps waste time focusing on the wrong things at the wrong times. This is when hot deals are lost, and follow-ups are neglected.

A sales CRM gives you a centralized place to process all your leads and customers that you may otherwise have lost or forgotten about among other emails.

Automate Repetitive and Manual Tasks

Adding leads, creating contact profiles, moving deals through stages, and structuring invoices are some of the many repetitive tasks that salespeople have to take care of every day. According to this study, 64.8 percent of salespeople’s time is spent on non-revenue generating activities.

These repetitive tasks often pave way for errors. For example, you forget to send a welcome email, or worse, forget to generate an invoice.

However, if you have an intelligent cloud CRM solution at your disposal that can automate these mundane tasks, you can focus on sales and let the software do the boring stuff.

Attain Real-Time View of Your Sales Pipeline

With a cloud sales CRM, you can see your entire sales pipeline on a visual and clean dashboard. You can also sort deals, view won and lost cases, send contracts over any time period, and schedule appointments. Most of all, you can track your sales team’s performance against the set quotas.

On top of it, the modern-day cloud sales CRMs is they seamlessly connect with email platforms and capture every interaction with a prospect as it happens.

All in all, CRM systems boosts sales. It lets your reps use their time for more important things: SELLING!

Ubaid Ur Rehman is a CRM Consultant. He is passionate about technology with a specific focus on smartphones. When he isn’t testing a new tech product, Ubaid can be found traveling.

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