The Criteria for Success Sales Growth Program combines the why (philosophy) and the how (mechanics) of selling to establish long-term, sustainable, and predictable growth for your company. We execute the program with analysis, consulting, training, and a Sales PlayBook.

In our programs, we use a proprietary analysis process to examine sales organizations, focusing on known issues and unearthing undiscovered obstacles. The results align salespeople, managers, and executives around a common objective. With the findings from the analysis, we work with leaders to create a plan of action.

At Criteria for Success, we believe the key to a successful sales organization is collaboration. That’s why each of our Sales Growth clients receive their own digital Sales PlayBook. Our PlayBooks are cloud-based resources that contain practical templates, methods, and processes your sales team can build upon together.

Throughout the program, we work with our Sales Growth clients to fill their Sales PlayBooks with all of the discoveries and breakthroughs from our monthly trainings. Every training conducted by Criteria for Success is part of a bigger picture: completely revitalizing your sales organization and documenting best practices along the way.

Clients who chose our Sales Growth Programs find that Criteria for Success becomes a trusted advisor, mentor, and support system for all facets of their sales organization.

We Work To:
  • Transform your sales organization into a sophisticated function with real tools to achieve success. Our Sales Exploration is a snapshot of your team’s current standing in terms of culture, accountability, and process. This analysis kicks off the Sales Growth Program.
  • Establish a support ecosystem for sales in order to maximize success rates. Each Sales Growth client builds a team of individuals in sales as well as supporting functions such as finance, operations and marketing. This Sales Growth Team works together to manage expectations and identify the role of each department in relation to sales.
  • Document tribal knowledge to keep your top performers’ best practices in-house, even when they leave your company. We realize the value of documenting an organization’s best practices, processes, and successes for the benefit of everyone in the organization. In fact, documenting is only half the battle. The Sales PlayBook helps companies evolve and build on these key elements to maximize sales performance on an ongoing basis.
  • Revolutionize the role of leadership in a way that helps leaders to not only take the organization to the next level, but to build a new generation of leaders along the way. Sales Management and Leadership Training is a significant part of our Sales Growth Program.
  • Evolve your sales dynamic through regular training events that focus on collaboration, idea generation, and documentation. Our sales training events are not about us. They are about you, your organization, and its goals. Criteria for Success trainings promote our mission of “Enabling Buying in a World of Selling.”