Working with a Business Coach: 3 Levels of Coaching

December 18, 2018
Working with a Business Coach: 3 Levels of Coaching

Are you considering working with a business coach?

Coaching might seem like a big investment in time and resources. You might think only top executives need a coach. But that’s not always the case!

It’s important to understand that there are different levels of coaching, and the level of coaching you need will determine the scope of the relationship you have with a coach.

Basic Coaching – Tactics & Execution

The first level of coaching is focused on tactics and execution. The goal at this stage is to help develop and successfully execute short-term plans.

Working with a business coach at the basic level typically involves reviewing draft plans, evaluating activities, and following up to provide accountability. Coaches will work to ensure that you set the right goals to achieve your plan and then actually do what you planned.

If you go off course, these coaches might help you identify what went wrong. They are, however, unlikely to focus on overall professional skill development.

Anyone can benefit from this level of coaching, no matter what your role is. You can always get value from a second set of eyes on your tactical plans and execution.

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Intermediate Coaching – Skills Growth

At the next level, coaching is focused on developing skills. The goal is to train and develop key competencies.

Coaching at this level typically involves analyzing strengths and weaknesses, developing plans for growth, and evaluating progress. Coaches may provide training themselves or recommend other resources like books, podcasts, blogs, or training courses.

In conjunction with a formal training program, coaches can hold people accountable to practice and implement what they learn in training sessions. This is a great way to get more value from a team-wide training program and make sure the team is applying what they learn.

You may find that some coaches can help you focus on growth in just one area, while others can provide structure for overall professional growth. For example, you might find a communications coach who works with you over a specific time period to improve your communication skills. On the other hand, you might be working with a business coach who works with you through whatever skills you are developing over time.

If you have any desire to grow in your career, you can benefit from this level of coaching. Your coach can help you identify the competencies you need to get to the next stage in your professional development.

Advanced Coaching – Big Picture

At the highest level, coaching is focused on the big picture of personal and professional growth. The goal at this stage is to help you be happy, successful, and content.

Coaching at this level can involve more discussions about personal goals and dreams. Coaches might make recommendations about personal habits, including diet, exercise, and sleep.

They might also look at organizational strategy and career trajectory to help develop plans. They may even make introductions and help you grow appropriate networks.

These coaches look at people holistically and work to help them overcome any barriers they might be facing.

If you are in a key leadership role, or you are going to be transitioning into one in the near future, you may benefit from this level of coaching.

Has this made you reconsider if working with a business coach is for you?

Please share your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to read them.

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