Why Your Management Training Program Needs a Second Look

June 7, 2017
Why Your Management Training Program Needs a Second Look

I bet you’ve not had the last stop management training program. How do I know this? Because you are reading this blog. If you’d had the ultimate management training program, you’d never need to read anything else – you’d be done.

So, this is either the ultimate end of the line, or another stepping stone. I hope you’re not disappointed when I say that this is another stepping stone.


Because your author is learning as much about management as you are. So how can I be the ultimate authority when I myself am looking for the answer?

Let’s explore this.

Learning from Other Sales Managers

So, lets talk about my idea for this particular point in time.

I’d like to start by sharing what I’ve learned from working with other sales managers.

First: it’s not easy. There are a few whose trajectories I have followed.

They are true seekers. They seem satisfied with what they’ve learned and what they’ve accomplished for a short while. That is: until they come across something that compels them to want to learn new stuff again.

How they measure their success is similar to how most people I believe measure they’re success. It’s relative to others.

If they are making more money, or have more responsibility, more power, or all of these, then they can remind themselves from time to time that they are successful.

But if they were so successful, then why the thirst to learn more? Why the need to continue to discover? Honestly? I don’t know. For now, all I know is that this drive, this thirst… it’s what they believe they need.

Management Training

Then you come across the learners who have transcended these drivers.

Yes, they continue to want to learn. But they also realized that with seniority and with time and experiences comes wisdom.

Now, wisdom is different than knowledge.

Wisdom vs. Knowledge

Wisdom is about knowing the outcome. For instance, when a stone falls into a pool of water, wisdom dictates that there will be ripples.

If you are the stone, you focus on the trajectory down to the water. You don’t focus on the effect you have on the water itself.

Wisdom is about knowing the effect. Wisdom is about knowing what’s needed and wanted to make your salespeople and entire sales team successful—and finding the resources to fulfill on the goal that this need creates.

Training is about providing distinct philosophies and mechanics that enhance performance. True performance is something that continues to be reinvented. This means gaining, or developing, new knowledge.

Management Training Program Steps

Accounting, law, and medicine are skills that are handed down before you practice. There is a licensing and training aspect that’s critical to each skill.

There is no licensing aspect to being a sales manager. Most of the learning is done on the job. And the same applies to being a CEO. Sales managers are CEOs alike learn as they go. However, training provides opportunities for expansion in both knowledge and wisdom.

Most everyone reading this blog is an existing sales manager who wants to be better or wants to overcome deficiencies in the job.

So, you need a process. The problem? Most people view a process as a series of prescriptions. And there’s often already a belief going into management training or development of a new process that these activities a waste of time. That is, if and when you discover something that you agree or resonate with.

This is where you start, then. With your beliefs. If you want to be successful, or gain wisdom or knowledge or grow—it’s important to start with your own perceptions first.

Ask yourself, “what’s possible?”

And when you think about management training, ask yourself “what’s possible when I’m open to discovering something new?”

My hope is that you’ll discover something brilliant. All I ask is that you keep an open mind.

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