Why They Buy: Factors Influencing Customer Behavior

March 5, 2019
Why They Buy: Factors Influencing Customer Behavior

Looking for factors influencing customer behavior? You're in the right place!

As someone in sales, my main goal is to influence a customer to buy from me. I’m sure that anyone else who is in sales will agree with that. On the same note, those in marketing probably agree, too.

The key to having that positive influence on prospects, and thus turn them into buyers, is the following. You need to understand that there are many factors that have an influence on how a customer behaves. In turn, those factors will also influence why a customer buys.

Why They Buy: Factors Influencing Customer Behavior

As you can imagine, of a wide variety of things that come into play, some are at least partially controllable from a sales perspective, and many we have no control whatsoever. To maximize our success, let’s focus on a few areas where we have influence.

Remember, at Criteria for Success, we have a mission of enabling buying in a world of selling. And, in order to be effective, we need to understand what else comes into play in terms of influencing our customer, and thus their behavior.

Here are a few things to consider:

Factors influencing customer behavior can be social, cultural, economic or psychological in nature.

In order to fully understand our customers and potential buyers, we need to be aware of their social circumstances. This should be considered in personal and professional contexts. In a professional context, consider whether they have the ability to buy or whether they are an influencer on someone who has buying power. This also ties in to an economic factor. In addition, cultural and psychological factors should be considered.

Considering the aforementioned, understand that your customer is a member of various groups, and that those groups can have a major influence on their behavior. The key to enabling your customer to buy lies in understanding as much of the dynamic your customer is involved in as possible.

The sooner you discover these things, the sooner you effectively closing the deal with them.

Perception is reality: how your marketing is perceived by your customer will influence their behavior.

In terms of marketing, consider the impact it has on your prospects. Does that impact align with what your sales team is saying or doing to get the prospect engaged and close the deal?

Keeping this in mind, consider having internal meetings where your sales and marketing departments can see how well they align. Remember, sales and marketing misalignment can cause brand confusion and have a negative impact on sales.

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In the end, consider all of the above and watch your understanding of how to approach your customer grow.


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