Why Storytelling Matters in Business

May 8, 2019
Why Storytelling Matters in Business

As a salesperson, you’re not really selling a product or service.

You’re selling a story.

Your goal is to give your prospect a compelling reason to buy from you.

And, your desire is to have them engage with and see the value of your product.

Storytelling matters in business because it's a tool you can use to inspire your customer to buy in (and, keep comin’ back for more!)

What’s your brand story?

Your story needs to be authentic.

Don’t try to pull the wool over your audience’s eyes. Prospects can absolutely sense when a salesperson is being inauthentic.

Your story doesn’t have to be a jaw-dropping Hollywood production, either. It just has to be real.

An authentic story makes that product or service appear more human. Thus, customers will relate to it and eventually buy in.

A great story teaches a lesson and provokes an action.

It gives the customer something to think about AND something to act upon.

Remember, you can't control everything about your story. Advertising was once a one-way flow of information, but this is no longer the case. Those who experience your brand will also contribute to its story.

Regardless, you can inject your brand's origins, values, and mission into the conversation.

Executed well, it can enhance your brand's presence and attract valuable prospects.

Storytelling matters in business because…

People remember stories!

As a salesperson, you need to know what your prospect's needs are and how your product or service can help them.

So, instead of telling a story that YOU want to hear, you need to tell a story that THEY want to hear.

They will remember the story that best addresses their needs!

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