Why Sharing Best Practices Matters in Sales

November 15, 2016
Why Sharing Best Practices Matters in Sales

“Sharing is caring” is a cliché we have been hearing our entire lives.

Of course we usually hear this when a friend wants a bite of our food or our last piece of gum. 🙂

But when it comes to sales, sharing IS caring, and you should be sharing best practices!

Why should I be sharing best practices?

1) Everyone has best practices

Best practices are something that can set you apart, boost your numbers, and make you a sales superstar. But guess what? You're not the only one with best practices!

A team that shares their “secret sauces” with one another is a team that grows. If everyone in the world kept knowledge and good ideas to themselves, we would have no innovation.

2) Your own sales will increase

According to the Aberdeen Group, a research firm, sales reps that participated in sharing best practices saw sales quota achievement of 82%, while those who did not participate saw 32%.

If someone walked up to you and said you could increase your sales as a team by 50% by doing one simple task, I’m sure you would say yes. Especially if the key to this growth was simply collaborating and working with your own sales team.

3) Workplace culture and collaboration will improve

Believe it or not, sharing best practices with your coworkers will help build relationships and trust. This will naturally lead to a more open work environment where people can collaborate and feel comfortable asking each other for help when needed.

The ability to ask for help in an office is so important. Not only are you able to get your own questions answered, but it also allows the person that's helping you to really understand their own procedures in the process of teaching.

Sharing best practices is such an integral part of the success of any team, group, or office. Relationships will prosper, trust will increase, and sales will boom.

And of course, you never know: one day you might be struggling to maintain your numbers or exceed expectations, and someone else might hold the answers to your problems.

Do you have any other ideas why sharing best practices is an integral part of successful sales teams? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Barry Hall - Reply

    Great post Arianna, keep up the great work and thanks for SHARING it with me. – Barry.

  • Nadine - Reply

    Great comment. Do you have any tips you’d refer to how to share best practices? Especially if the sales reps are de-centralized.

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