When Sales Training is Not Mandatory

June 14, 2016
When Sales Training is Not Mandatory

What happens when sales training is not mandatory? Let’s explore this…

But first, I owe much of the inspiration of this blog to thought leaders I have had the fortune to study of late. These include:

Most companies we know promote sales training to their employees.

However, the belief that success is dependent on receiving mandatory training has, in our view, contributed to reluctant acceptance among employees who stand to benefit the most.

We have discovered that sales training is often not perceived as an opportunity or a benefit, but as a condition of remaining employed in the job.

This can be seen as another demand in a long list of demands that are already placed on the salesperson to perform.

Where this is allowed to continue, sales training programs have little opportunity for success. The success of training programs depends on the environment created by the managers involved.

Successful Sales Training is a Choice

All the sales training programs that have succeeded, in our experience, have incorporated a fundamental respect for each person’s autonomy and freedom of choice.

If a salesperson requests training, the impact of training on their performance and the value to the organization they work for is significantly higher. When their dignity and personal rights have not been violated, they can participate at choice rather than at the effect of someone else’s agenda.

With genuine participation at the maximum level possible, we see that each person can take this training and contribute to all their constituents and experience that who they are and what they stand for really matters.

Furthermore, by playing at this level in their professional lives, they cannot help but be empowered with an extraordinary commitment to break out of a world that is doing everything possible to make them ordinary.

Thus, we begin our training programs with a core commitment to respect the desire and the intention from everyone involved to accomplish a genuine breakthrough in their lives. With this as a backdrop, we impact the nature of deal making between seller and buyer at a new level; one that enables two or more parties to discover if they are a fit for each other in a long term relationship that incorporates nothing but workability.

Our goal is to enable the highest possible expression of integrity so powerful, meaningful, and long-lasting, that positive results are always accomplished when something is sold, bought, and delivered.

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  • Sonia Scott - Reply

    Appreciate your depth of knowledge; very well written!

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