What Is Your Criteria For Success?

August 13, 2015
What Is Your Criteria For Success?

What is your Criteria for Success?

We want to know!

When it comes to sales, what do you do or think to reach success? Are there any systems that you implement or problems that you solve to get there?

We started asking this question last month and were blown away by the awesome feedback we were receiving–so decided to turn it into a contest to make it fun! Tweet us @CFSPlayBook or share a video–we'd love to hear your thoughts!

Benefits for you: it’ll get you in social selling mode and bring exposure to your business/brand! (Oh yeah, and you might win an Apple TV!).

Benefits for us: we’ll learn from some of your thoughts about selling and most importantly, make some new friends!

Share your “Criteria for Success” with us for a chance to win an Apple TV and have your tweets shared on our page. Click here or on the image below to enter our Twitter contest.

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