What Even the Best Sales Training Programs Can’t Do For You

September 6, 2016
What Even the Best Sales Training Programs Can’t Do For You

A Google search for best sales training programs won’t lead you to a magical group of sales fairies that will turn your team into high-performing, perfectly efficient sales professionals.

It will, however, lead you to a group of professionals passionate about helping others grow and learn to be the best versions of themselves every day. That sounds great, right?

We think so too. In fact, that’s why we do what we do! But one of the biggest obstacles that people have is not their ability to perform; it’s their inability to get buy-in.

When there is no buy-in, even the best sales training programs can’t…

1) Work around a bad context

Many training programs don’t stick because the salespeople think they’re forced to participate as some form of punishment. It should be clear that this is not the case.

Even the highest performing salespeople have room for growth, and that is exactly why training programs are put into place.

2) Do the heavy lifting for you

The best sales training programs provide and teach skills and processes, but they do not define concrete answers. Think of all of the scenarios a salesperson may face in a day alone: how could a few sets of answers be the key to success?

They aren’t! That’s why it’s the trainee’s responsibility to assimilate the new ideas, processes, and philosophies provided by the program into their workdays.

3) Create department integration

In today’s universe of selling and business, everything is hyper-connected. This is why we are seeing a more prominent need for overlap and teamwork between sales and marketing departments.

You could say they are yin and yang, and their harmonious existence is a huge factor in success for both departments.

The most important aspect is having a team that is excited and ready to put in the work. After that, the best sales training programs are any that you are ready to tackle.

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