Washington D.C. Trip

June 16, 2008
Washington D.C. Trip

Blog_1Hello everyone, David from Criteria for Success here. Let me ask you a question. What do you do after a busy period at your organization? What do you do to unwind with your second family (co-workers)? At Criteria for Success, we take a little field trip and this past adventure brought us to our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.

Blog_2As you can see, we started our trip with an informative ride on the Trolley tour. As we passed each street we learned about the rich history that is literally on every block. In particular, driving by every embassy was awe inspiring and impressive. As we toured the different neighborhoods, this little red bus would bring us to our first destination, The Spy Museum.

Once inside the Museum, we learned many interesting facts about the history of espionage around the world. Everything from what our C.I.A. has used, to different operations around the world. It was astonishing to discover the impact spies had throughout the course of history. Especially when most of us associate a spy with a Bond movie or T.V. show we used to watch. Most of the technology they used has been improved upon over the years and is used in so many facets of life today. I encourage anyone in the neighborhood to check it out for themselves at

Blog_3Next stop, the Monuments! Thomas Jefferson stood tall with “We the people…” etched on the wall next to him. Abraham Lincoln sat in his massive chair, overlooking the Reflecting Pool which we have all seen a million times in movies and more. Questions danced in our heads such as “How do they maintain these massive statues?”

Blog_4Although Franklin and Lincoln were impressive, it was the Franklin D. Roosevelt monument that was truly breathtaking. As we walked through each section, it outlined his accomplishments and dreams, for each term he served as president. Within each section there was a waterfall, and each waterfall became more elaborate as we moved through his impressive monument.

The last monument we visited was the Vietnam Memorial. Words could never describe the large wall stretched outward with thousand of names etched in it. After viewing such a powerful tribute, you can’t help but have an increased appreciation for those who gave their lives for us.

Blog_5All in all, it was a great day filled with rich history and fun! Although my legs felt like Jell-o and I lost 10 pounds from walking 12 hours, nothing could replace my experience at our nation’s capital with some of the people I am closest with, Criteria for Success!

So if you've been working hard and going 200 miles an hour at work, grab a few co-workers you’re close with and take a relaxing day trip. If you’re going to work hard, you should also play hard. Until next time, Happy Summer everyone!


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