Want to Get More Leads? Recycle!

March 10, 2015
Want to Get More Leads? Recycle!

Do you ever feel that if you could just get more leads, your sales problems would be solved? We have a creative solution – recycle!

It may seem like a bit of a stretch, bur read on to see how you can apply the three principles of recycling to lead generation.


The first step might seem counterintuitive. Aren’t more leads always better? Consider – would you rather have a small number of highly qualified leads or a large number of unqualified leads?

Take some time to clearly identify your lead qualification criteria, and if possible develop a lead scoring process. Rather than chasing every possible option, work to quickly disqualify leads that aren’t worth your time. That will give you more time and energy to spend on the best leads.


Have you ever identified your top lead sources? What about your top referral sources? Not just where you got the most leads, but where you got the best leads, the ones that turned into great clients.

One simple but powerful exercise is to map lead sources two levels back. So if you met Donna as a referral from Patrick, where did you first meet Patrick? If you met Jon at a specific networking event, where did you first hear of that event? This exercise will give you multiple lead sources to reuse, and you may identify some lead sources that were more valuable than you’d previously realized.


We often give up on leads too early, and some leads get disqualified because they aren’t ready. Others might have chosen a competitor and now regret that decision. Do you ever go back and contact these leads again?

Look through your history of archived and disqualified leads, as well as lost opportunities. Set a goal to contact at least 5 of these leads every week – that’s just one a day. You never know when they might be ready to work with you.

If you’re ever trying to get more leads, just remember the 3 Rs – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

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