Undercover Sales Problems: Professional Visitors

May 26, 2015
Undercover Sales Problems: Professional Visitors

When we think of sales problems we often think of salespeople who can’t get along or have difficulty following the rules. What we often bypass however is the professional visitor, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Let’s discuss the difference between profitable salespeople and professional visitors.

Salespeople have a plan, a gig, and go into each and every meeting with an end goal.

Professional visitors, on the other hand, don’t get anything done. These visitors believe that if they can win friends by being nice, it will eventually lead to a sale or close. The unfortunate truth is it takes much more than a friendly smile to gain trust, convert customers, and generate business.

So how do you identify a professional visitor?

The Professional Visitor

A professional visitor might be the nicest person you’ve ever met, but they will never make a sale. No one wants to talk about the décor in the lobby, what TV shows are on tonight, or how nice the weather has been lately. Clients value their time and won’t appreciate someone who wastes it with small talk.

Cue the Successful Salesperson

A great salesperson understands that time is money and they will do anything to help potential clients prosper. This means that every visit requires a plan and as a sales manager, you can help.

Remember, professional visitors waste everyone’s time! To truly sell effectively, salespeople need a “gig” (we’ll discuss this in a minute) and it is essential to follow the Sales PlayBook formulated for your company. Staying focused and executing your gig successfully will bring value to your client.

A winning salesperson will follow the steps below to develop mutually beneficial relationships:

  1. The Conversation – The focus is always to engage in conversation that will add value to the life of your client. The key here is to plan ahead! Preparing questions, answers, and rebuttals beforehand will help you guide the conversation.
  2. The Gig – Essentially a 30-60 second script that explains why the salesperson believes in their organization. The gig is intended to arouse excitement about the organization so effectively that the client cannot help but forge a working relationship. Your gig fits seamlessly with the conversation because together they inspire, encourage, and offer value to your client.
  3. The Close – This is the part professional visitors miss. As a sales pro, converting the lead is your final goal. If your conversation offered value and your gig was enticing, you are ready to close. Be direct about how they will benefit when they take the next step with your company.

An effective salesperson leads the conversation, believes in their organization, and knows how to close a deal. Implementing these three steps in every meeting will take your sales team from professional visitor to a valuable resource for your company and client.

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