Types of Sales Stories for B2B Prospecting

May 7, 2019
Types of Sales Stories for B2B Prospecting

With so many different types of sales stories to tell, where do you start?

Well, the answer begins with what you want to say. Moreover, it begins with what you want the prospect to discover.

Here at Criteria for Success, we believe in something called discovery-based selling. What is discovery-based selling? It’s the idea that your sales people let the prospects discover the value of your company on their own, without telling them.

Now, this doesn’t include any type of hypnosis or mind-manipulation. All it requires is some good old fashioned-story telling and question-asking.

So, ask yourself: what do I want prospects to discover about my company?

Some examples may include:

  1. The value of a product
  2. That they have a need we can fill
  3. Filling this need will transform their business

From here, you will be able to decipher what kind of sales stories you will want to tell.

Types of Sales Stories for B2B Prospecting

The Success Story

This is the ultimate sales story to tell B2B prospects. The best part about success stories? You can use the success stories of other sales reps to prove the value of your prospects.

At Criteria for Success, we’ve created a tool to help our sales growth clients document and use success stories that relate to the common problems of their prospects. It’s called the Problem/Opportunity Matrix. The Problem/Opportunity Matrix is stored in your Sales PlayBook where it is easily accessible for everyone to use.

Success stories help buyers see how your company may act under pressure, what type of success they may realize from working from you, or anything else!

The Company’s Story

In today’s business world, people want to buy from companies that have similar values to their own. Gone are the days when people knowingly and willingly purchase from companies with sustainability on the back burner. On the same note, we are living in a world where prospects want to buy from companies doing good for the world.

With that said, prepared to tell the company story to prospects. Tell them how your company began: it’s humble beginnings or it’s skyrocket to success! Regardless, prospects like to know the big picture of who they will be working with and supporting with their purchase.

The Personal Story

Your story matters! As do the stories of your sales reps. Encourage your team to tell their prospects why they do what they do. Think about it like this, would you rather buy from someone who doesn’t believe in what they sell, or someone who lives and breathes what they sell?

There are plenty of sales stories to tell B2B prospects. It’s all about figuring out which ones will help your prospects do the most discovering.

Do you have any other types of sales stories to tell B2B prospects? How about the best story in your toolkit? Let us know in the comments!

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