Trust and Leadership with Elizabeth Frederick

August 16, 2022
Trust and Leadership with Elizabeth Frederick

Happy Tuesday, Let's Talk Sales listeners! We are officially moving to Tuesdays as our release day! For our first Tuesday episode, we have our host, Elizabeth Frederick, in the guest seat for a special episode.

Elizabeth is the Operations Officer and Senior Advisor at Criteria for Success, and is the host of Let's Talk Sales. We've been hearing from a lot of our clients and partners about trust at work, in leadership, and the impacts of a lack of trust when buying and selling. So this week, we decided to do a mini episode on just these topics.

We hope you enjoy our conversation on trust and leadership! Thanks for listening to this podcast.

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Discussion with Elizabeth Frederick

In this episode, Elizabeth and I cover:

  • How a lack of trust can impact workplaces
  • The different avenues of trust sales
  • The importance of vulnerability in leadership
  • Tips and tools for strengthening trust at work

…And more!

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Links from the episode:

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