Top Performer in Sales: The 15 Traits to Look For

October 25, 2017
Top Performer in Sales: The 15 Traits to Look For

This article is for sales leaders who are interested in developing each and every salesperson on the team into a top performer. And it will also help as you’re looking for new sales hires.

A top performer not only produces the highest revenue numbers, but also leads by example. He or she shares best practices with others on the sales team. So, they are motivated to keep giving away their secret sauce, which helps them to stay ahead of the pack!

Now let’s talk about a top performer from a client’s point of view.

Clients want to place confidence in the salesperson’s ability to identify and represent solutions accurately. They want the right solution! And they want it delivered as promised.

A top performer sales representative represents your company. And to a client or prospect, they are the company.

Clients want your top performer to have:

  1. Valuable insights
  2. Subject-matter expertise in the client’s industry
  3. Subject-matter expertise in the client’s business
  4. Trustworthiness, likeability, humility, and a caring personality
  5. Ability to fix breakdowns and clean up messes quickly
  6. Consistent, open, and honest communication
  7. Interest in their client’s problems, even when there isn’t an immediate sale
  8. Patience—they don’t prematurely rush to close a deal
  9. Respect for the client’s culture and political standing at work
  10. Quick reflexes to respond to questions and concerns
  11. The clout to make available all the appropriate resources from the seller’s organization
  12. Honesty in pricing. And they won’t hide important information just to win the deal
  13. Gratitude for their client’s business

Two Final Traits of a Top Performer

As a sales manager or CEO, it’s important to recognize that the best kind of top performer is someone who is motivated by the desire to contribute all the time to all the people they come into contact with. They give first, always.

Making quota is important to a top performer. Of course, making money motivates them, but seeing their organization grow creates a win/win for everyone. This is the most important trait of all!

To learn to motivate your sales team – top performers and all – check out our resource on the 4 dimensions of motivation.

Motivating Your Sales Team

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