The Why & How of Promoting Collaboration in Sales

February 7, 2019
The Why & How of Promoting Collaboration in Sales

Promoting collaboration in sales doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth.

In fact, with the right tools and processes, collaboration can happen fast.

Many companies view sales as an us-against-the-world department. In fact, sales relies heavily on pretty much every department in the company. Not only this, sales reps rely on one another for learning, development, and camaraderie.

Here at Criteria for Success, we truly believe in the power of collaboration in sales. Whether it’s for collaboration of team members or department, it’s vital.

The Why of Promoting Collaboration in Sales

To make this article as valuable as possible, let’s start with they why of promoting collaboration in sales. Why is it important?

To start, sales does not exist on a distant corporate island with no contact with the rest of the company. In fact, sales should be embedded into the processes of each department.

Let’s start with this: marketing.

In today’s world, marketing and sales go hand-in-hand. Your marketing and sales team must reflect this.

If marketing creating content for the sales reps to send to prospects and clients, sales reps must know about this and there should be a process for keeping content up to date. Furthermore, if sales reps find that the content is outdated or have an idea for something new, they should consult the marketing team. Although they may be capable, sales reps were not hired to develop marketing collateral and a lot of times there are stringent rules when putting this content together that marketing will know about.

What about product development?

Ever hear a story of a sales rep over-selling the capabilities of a product or service? This happens when there isn’t collaboration between product/engineering teams and the sales team.

Today’s world of product development is moving at a pace that sales reps can’t be expected to keep up with along with doing their job: selling! To make sure that sales and product development are on the same page, they must work together. You never know what type of advancements this collaboration may bring about for your product. Sales reps know what prospects are looking for and engineers/product development knows how to make it happen.

Besides departmental collaboration, sales reps should work together as well. Each of your sales reps have a unique approach to your company’s sales process. Make sure they aren’t keeping their best practices and secret sauce all for themselves. The entire team wins when they elevate one another.

So, now that we have touched on the why, let’s talk about how you can promote collaboration in sales.

The How of Promoting Collaboration in Sales

The best way to promote collaboration in sales is through a Sales PlayBook. Here at Criteria for Success, we have worked with hundreds of sales teams across a wide array of industries and have found this to be true.

Think of a Sales PlayBook as a centralized location for all departments and individuals working in any capacity with sales to collaborate, share information, and learn. The PlayBook is broken up into five different sections that incorporate various departments and individuals:

  1. Prospecting – Sales, Lead-Gen, Management, Executive Leadership, Marketing
  2. Selling – Sales, Management, Executive Leadership, Marketing
  3. Support – Sales, Management, Executive Leadership, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations
  4. System – Sales, Management, Executive Leadership, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations
  5. Team – Sales, Management, Executive Leadership, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations

It’s important that your Sales PlayBook be fully customizable to promote the most collaboration possible.

Just as no two fingerprints are the same, no two companies are the same. And with different companies requires different information in the Sales PlayBook.

Not only does the Sales PlayBook promote collaboration once it is built, it requires collaboration to create. This process, we find, is the most crucial part in the how of promoting collaboration in sales. It’s with this collaboration that each sales rep, team member, and department buys into the idea and importance of the Sales PlayBook.

All in all, promoting collaboration in sales is a great strategy for achieving sales success. Not only does it streamline processes and help discover new opportunities, it makes your company one unit instead of multiple different departments.

So, get building out your very own Sales PlayBook and achieve the sales success you’re looking for.

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