The ULTIMATE List of Social Selling Tips

May 10, 2018
The ULTIMATE List of Social Selling Tips

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube—these social platforms have become not only a normal part of our vocabulary, but have influenced the way we interact, buy, and sell. They're the reason you're reading about social selling tips to begin with!

If you’re a sales manager, you’ve probably been working with a lead generation process that’s been working for a while.

But you’ve also noticed that the world around you is changing every day.

Cell phones, computers, and tablets are a big part of our daily lives.  People now connect via these devices on social media platforms more than ever.

Are you capitalizing on the opportunity to generate business leads and opportunities using this medium?

Social Selling Tips – Technology

These are some reasons why your business should leverage social media technology:

  1. You are where your target audience is
  2. Your message & content reach more people
  3. An online presence builds credibility
  4. Practically everyone is on social media
  5. Being social drives traffic to your website
  6. You can monitor your online reputation
  7. It’s a great place to find leads
  8. Maintaining a social media presence is less expensive than traditional advertising
  9. It opens the lines of communication with prospective & current clients
  10. It provides a platform to share your story, testimonials, and advice
  11. Being active on social shows that you keep up with your industry

Social Selling Tips – General

  • Engage – it’s not enough to simply be on social media; you’ve got to engage with your fans!
  • Share Your Story – don’t be a robot! Tell your story, share what matters to your company, and focus on differentiating yourself. Staying top of mind with your prospects and customers.
  • Reply – frequently reply to comments, tweets, follows, and messages.
  • Hit Follow – It takes time, but continue to grow the number of fans and followers, which requires your company to be active online and participate in conversations. Follow Twitter accounts, “Like” Facebook pages, “Follow” boards on Pinterest, etc.

Social Selling Tips – Engagement

  • Prospective Clients—Company pages: LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Prospective Clients—Personal pages: LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Current Clients—Company pages: LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Current Clients—Personal Pages: LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Industry Leaders—All platforms
  • Competitors—Twitter
  • Inspirational Accounts—All platforms


Social Selling Tips – LinkedIn

LinkedIn is pretty much the place for social selling. While it may have been created as an online resume platform, it has evolved into something much more valuable. It's the place for you to seek out new prospects, nurture relationships with them, and eventually close deals. You create your reputation on LinkedIn. Make sure you follow these social selling tips to keep it top-notch.

  • Check your LinkedIn account every day.
  • Reply to new messages & reach out to contacts via messages.
  • Endorse connections.
  • Scroll your news feed—“Like” and comment on relevant posts (stay engaged!).
  • Edit your own page—keep things current.
  • Join groups in your industry.
  • Join groups in your target industry.
  • Schedule posts for your business (and personal) pages using management software.
  • Post a vlog, weekly – keep it causal yet insightful and fresh.
    • This is something that I recently started doing and I am seeing great results. People in my network are commenting their thoughts and liking my videos. I highly recommend starting one on your own.
  • Increase your audience reach by tagging people in blogs, vlogs, and pictures, which show up in their networks.
  • Leverage third-party LinkedIn apps such as iTunes “Connected,” which makes social engagement quick and simple.
  • Create a list of target companies.
  • “Follow” the business pages of your target companies.
  • Create a spreadsheet with info to build your prospecting list (e.g. person’s name, title, and contact information).
  • Search current connections and “people you may know.”
  • Add target names to your spreadsheet.
  • Find “mutual connections” and ask them to introduce you to your target.
  • Once introduced, initiate conversation and build rapport.
  • Schedule appointments to speak/meet.
  • Connect with prospects, then nurture using a social strategy
  • Import your excel spreadsheet into your CRM to track selling activity.
  • Close the deal!

Social Selling Tips for Your Sales PlayBook

A Sales PlayBook is a dynamic resource containing your organization’s best practice sales strategies and processes.

At CFS, we incorporated social selling into our Sales PlayBook and used this checklist to get started.

1.Decided to go social
2.Decided on social platforms
3.Established how much time per week is spent on social
4.Identified our target customers
5.Determined what our customers like to read
6.Determined what our clients click on
7.Decided what we want to share
8.Established how we are different from our competitors
9.Developed our online brand and story
10.Established how many times per day/week to post
11.Decided which management apps to use
12.Planned posts a year in advance
13.Created s strategy for fan engagement/replies
14.Created our LinkedIn prospecting plan

These are just a few quick and simple social selling tips for you to get started.  The more you dive into the world of social selling, the more you can tweak the tips in this blog post to fit your needs. You may find that your network may not be responsive to a Vlog or that for your company, it's important that all sales reps are doing the same thing!

As you begin your social selling journey, keep these social selling tips in mind. When you discover your own, let us know! We'd love to hear what you come up with.Free Ebook: Social Selling


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