The Top 5 Personality Traits for Problem Solving in Sales

May 27, 2020
The Top 5 Personality Traits for Problem Solving in Sales

What does it take to be a great problem solver? What personality traits does one need to develop in order to excel in sales?

If you want to be a successful salesperson (and problem solver), it is critical that you work on the following traits.

Top 5 Personality Traits for Problem Solving in Sales

1. Adaptability

A good problem solver can adapt easily.

This is a personality trait in sales that requires flexibility. You must be able to alter your process when faced with a problem rather than fold under pressure.

When confronted with a situation, you should take on the challenge head on and work to find the best possible solution.

The world is changing faster than ever, especially now with COVID-19 flipping everything upside down. By improving your adaptability, you and your company are bound to come out on top!

2. Collaboration

A good problem solver can work well with others.

It’s important to understand that in order to come up with the best possible solution, you need to allow ideas and input from other people.

A good problem solver is not threatened by the help of others, but instead is open to learning from people and focusing on the goal of finding the right solution.

Having a team to collaborate alongside, helps solve problems more efficiently in all aspects of your work-life.

3. Objective

A good problem solver is objective.

They are able to set their emotions aside to identify a problem and solve it.

Being able to be rational and objective is a more efficient approach to solving problems as you don't allow emotions to cloud your judgment.

4. Attitude

A good problem solver has a positive attitude.

We all make mistakes, it’s what makes us who we are. But, the best thing to do is to learn from the mistakes we make. Getting upset or being too critical only adds to the problem at hand.

Problem solving with a positive attitude allows one to see problems as a challenge or a new learning experience instead of something that stands in their way.

A happy, positive attitude is one of the most important personality traits in sales.

5. Communication

 A good problem solver is also a good conversationalist.

Communication is like glue. It keeps a team together allowing them to work as one, cohesive unit.

When faced with a problem, it is important to openly express what is on your mind with a group. This allows everyone to get on the same page, making it easier to overcome an issue.

Not only is communication a key personality trait for problem solving, but it also helps prevent negative situations from occurring in the first place.

Without good communication, it’s hard to collaborate with your team – making it even harder to solve a problem!

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Ultimately, problems are everywhere and there is no avoiding them. Next time you feel stuck, keep these traits in mind and work towards improving them in yourself and in your team!

Do you have any suggestions of key personality traits in sales? If so, please let us know by commenting below!

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