The Power of Reframing with Catherine Brown

April 18, 2022
The Power of Reframing with Catherine Brown

Happy Monday, Let's Talk Sales listeners! This week's guest is Catherine Brown!

Catherine is the inventor and chief trainer of ExtraBold Sales. She's a prolific author, speaker, trainer and founder of a number of organizations including Founder's Compass, B2B Sales Magic, as well as her speaking business How Good Humans Sell™.

Catherine is the author of How Good Humans Sell and host of the podcast “Conversations with Good Humans.” 

She also volunteers as a mentor and trainer in her local community of Houston. We hope you enjoy this conversation!

Discussion with Catherine Brown

In this episode, we cover:

  • Connecting with clients
  • Lead generation by “being a good human”
  • Building and developing trust in sales relationships
  • Removing head trash from the equation
  • The concept of “ask, don't assume”
  • Discovering social science patterns in sales dynamics

…And more!

Featured on this episode:

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