The Best Holiday Season Sales Resources to Finish 2019 Strong

November 7, 2019
The Best Holiday Season Sales Resources to Finish 2019 Strong

The holidays bring a hefty load with them. At home, you're busy preparing for the festivities ahead. At work, you're likely prospecting or scheduling lots of sales meetings before closing up shop.

As a sales leader, you want to finish the year strong and enable your team members to do the same. But this can be tricky when your schedule is quickly filling up with corporate holiday parties to attend! (Need some time management hacks?)

And, we understand that every business is different. For B2B businesses, a lot of our prospects are looking to use up their end-of-year surplus or buy a solution to enable them to hit the ground running in the new year.

The goal is to use the holidays to your benefit.

We totally get it. The holiday season is busy for you and your prospects.

While everyone is busy at corporate holiday parties and drinking egg nog, there are things you can do to achieve success.

Whether you're taking the time to learn new sales techniques or targeting potential clients at holiday parties, the most important thing is to be intentional. It's easy for this time of year to fly by without much sales activity happening. Use the resources below to make sure you're on the right track to make this season successful.

The Best Holiday Season Sales Resources to Finish 2019 Strong

1. Your Sales PlayBook

What is a better time to plan some goals and aspirations for next year than now? Look at your weekly goals page in your Sales PlayBook and compare the beginning of the year to the end. Do you have anything you want to work on before the year ends? Is there anything that you're proud of, or conversely, not too proud of?

You can also take this time to clean up your PlayBook. Add some new email templates, spruce up your Problem/Opportunity Matrix. Specifically, we suggest adding new success stories that occurred over the past year.

Take the time to evolve your PlayBook and get it ready for the new year.

Win more deals with a Collavia digital Sales PlayBook

2. The Let's Talk Sales! Podcast

I'm sure you've heard us say it before, but our podcast is a great way to learn sales and leadership best practices. We interview people from all different types of backgrounds and industries on a wide variety of topics so that you can achieve sales success no matter who you are.

Some of our most successful episodes this year include:

1. Episode 149 – Interview with Jamie Shanks, CEO of Sales for Life

Sales for Life is the world’s largest Digital Selling training program for mid-market and enterprise companies. Jamie is also the author of a few books, his most recent called Spear Selling: The Ultimate Account-Based Sales Guide for the Modern Digital Sales Professional.

On this episode, Jamie talks about sales, growth, storytelling and more. And, he answers questions about:

  • His passion for sales
  • Some of the biggest lessons he’s learned
  • What it takes to be successful
  • The importance of storytelling in sales
  • Book suggestions

2. Episode 155 – Using Storytelling to Enhance Sales with the CFS Team

In this episode of Let’s Talk Sales, the team shares some content from our unique CFS training curriculum on how to craft good stories, get people to remember your stories, add storytelling to your sales process, and more.

Using Storytelling to Enhance Sales:

During the podcast, we discuss the following:

  1. Where storytelling began and the science behind it
  2. The four things that happen to your brain when listening to a story
  3. Other resources that will help you with using storytelling in sales
  4. Tips on how you can apply what you’ve learned in your Sales PlayBook

3. Episode 169 – Being a Student of Sales with Scott Ingram, Account Director at Relationship One and host of podcasts Sales Success Stories and Daily Sales Tips

On this episode, Scott talks sales and adapting to shifting markets.

He answers questions about:

  • His passion for business and sales
  • Adapting to customer needs
  • His journey into podcasting
  • His event, the Sales Success Summit
  • Business growth book suggestions

You can listen here:

Listen and Subscribe to the Let's Talk Sales Podcast! Available on Apple Podcasts

3. Online Learning Resources

Some of the best sales resources can be found online and are completely free! In fact, we have a pretty extensive resource library that is available to you!

If you like to watch YouTube videos, check out our channel! Or, if you prefer to read to learn, take a look at our blog and online resource library.

Check out the images below for some great resources we recommend to make the most out of this season:

1. How to Network Like a Pro

Read this eBook before going to any holiday parties. While they are for fun and festivities, you never know who you may meet. Make sure you're prepared to network like a pro!

New Call-to-action

2. Building Relationships for Success

Once you've met the right people, you're going to need to build relationships that foster success and longevity. Read this eBook to learn how to make those new acquaintances become true partners for your company.

Building Relationships for Success in Life and Work [and How Your CRM Can Help]

3. Discovering High Performance with DEAL

If you're looking to close some business before the year ends, this is the eBook for you. Our DEAL email is a tried-and-true sales tool that increases close rates with prospects. How? Well, you're going to have to read the eBook to find out!

Discovering High Performance with DEAL

So, what do you think? Do you think the best sales resources listed about can help you get through the holiday season?

Have any favorite resources? Let us know in the comments!

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