Summer Sales Challenges: How to Beat the Heat

June 21, 2017
Summer Sales Challenges: How to Beat the Heat

It’s officially summertime here in New York City, and while not everyone can relate to the smell of warm trash in the air, we can all relate to the same sales challenges.

Selling in the summer can be tough. People are on vacation, taking longer lunch breaks, or are just harder to get a hold of because of the nicer weather.

While it may seem like there is no way around these sales challenges, there is a way to win deals.

Check out these tips on how to tackle your sales challenges:


I know this sounds redundant, but it’s really important to be even more on top of your CRM and data tracking in the summer.

Tasking yourself on Salesforce or setting calendar reminders in Outlook is a great way to remind yourself when prospects are going away or returning from vacation. During a time of year when schedules tend to be choppy, it’s better to not waste your time getting sent to voicemail or receiving that “out-of-office” email for the third time in a row.

Stay on top of other people’s schedules by keeping track of them in your own! Trips that prospects are returning from can also be a great conversation point to make the selling process ever easier.


So now your prospect is back from their trip. You are notified by your calendar that they have been back at work for two or three days: surely enough time to get back on track with anything they have missed. But now you’re facing push-back. They want you to reach out to them in a couple weeks… next month… the start of the new quarter.

This is when persistence is key. While constantly pushing the sale might not be the best idea, offering free resources from your company helps to maintain your prospect’s interest while keeping your name in their mind for the time being.


With the nice weather comes crowded happy hours and organized networking events. Grab some coworkers and head to a restaurant located near target company offices. You never know who you could meet. Regardless if they are from your target company or not, they could become a great lead.

Getting out there and networking is a great way to get over summer sales challenges in a fun way.

Moving Forward

Sales challenges during this time of year don’t have to be the worst thing in the world. With the sunshine comes happier prospects, happier hours, and happier salespeople, especially when those salespeople follow these tips!

Have any other ideas on how to beat your sales challenges this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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