Solving Problems with the Problem/Opportunity Matrix

September 26, 2017
Solving Problems with the Problem/Opportunity Matrix

Are you a master at solving problems? Do you view problems as a roadblock, or as an opportunity?

We’ve been writing and talking quite a bit about solving problems lately. Why? Well we believe that being a problem solver is critical to being successful in sales. Because everyone has problems. Everyone!

So, if you’re a sales manager or salesperson, roll up your sleeves. It’s time to get in the weeds and view those “problems” as opportunities!

Solving Problems with the Problem/Opportunity Matrix

Solving Problems with the Problem/Opportunity Matrix

Would you rather tell prospects that your company is amazing, or have them discover it?

By asking best-practice open-ended questions, you can lead prospects to discover the benefits of your offerings, rather than simply presenting the solution. By telling third-party success stories, you invite prospects to identify with clients whose problems you've already solved.

The Problem/Opportunity Matrix is a tool to help you organize your thoughts around the products and services you offer and how they serve specific needs in your target audience.

Working through the exercise of developing this matrix will help you and your team better understand how your organization helps clients and identify opportunities to provide value for new prospects.

How the Problem/Opportunity Matrix Works

When you're ready to add something to the Problem/Opportunity Matrix, think first about the feature or benefit you want prospects to discover. This is where your solution sets come in handy! (Click here to read all about Solution Sets).

Then, consider what problem it solves. This then becomes the problem you’re looking to expose to your prospect.

What open-ended questions could you ask to help prospects expose their issues? What successes can you draw on to illustrate how you've solved that problem before?

To use your Problem/Opportunity Matrix in a sales meeting, ask the questions and drill down on any problems or pains the prospect reveals. Don't march down the list of questions too quickly. And when you present your solution, make sure you use the third-party success stories to demonstrate how you've solved those problems for other clients.

Problem/Opportunity Matrix Example

Below is an example of how to use the Problem/Opportunity Matrix.

Example of product/service: An app that is designed to track food intake, weight, and recipes.

Solving Problems with the Problem/Opportunity Matrix

Problem/Opportunity Matrix Template

Ready to get your team solving problems? Grab the Problem/Opportunity Matrix template, along with templates for Solution Sets and Common Problems! Click here to download How to Sell Anything to Anyone eBook and become a problem solving organization!

eBook: How to Sell Anything to Anyone - A Problem-Solving Guide for Sales Managers, Sales Leaders, & Salespeople

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