Sink or Swim: How to Have the Perfect Sales Performance Review

December 29, 2015
Sink or Swim: How to Have the Perfect Sales Performance Review

You don’t have to fear giving or receiving an annual sales performance review! A good review can provide an amazing boost to performance—just what you need as your team enters into a new year!

Unfortunately, some reviews are painful and disempowering. A bad review, conducted under a misguided notion that the manager has the power, is a recipe for disaster. I’ve witnessed managers who have hidden their bitter resentment toward a salesperson all year and then, by way of getting even, released it all during the review meeting. Not only did the salesperson feel attacked, but the ambush also caused further resentment coming out of the meeting. Can you see the vicious cycle that such a review can create?

How to Have the Perfect Sales Performance Review

While I believe a sales performance review should factor in the salesperson’s numbers—i.e. total sales closed/won, revenue attained against goal, pipeline development, etc.—these facts are not useful unless they are discussed in the context of the way the salesperson conducted the job.

The review meeting is the most ineffective time to discuss these results.

Throughout the year, both the sales manager and salesperson should be well aware of the salesperson’s results and have discussed ways to improve them on a consistent basis. I recommend that both parties focus on taking stock, providing each other with useful feedback, working as a team, and determining what is needed to help the salesperson accomplish their goals.

Our reviews contain the following language, which is grouped by our Philosophy and Mechanics.

Here is a sample template:

CFS Performance Review Template

Sales Performance Review

To view the full template document, click here: CFS Staff – Performance Review Template

We hope you find this template as fruitful as we do as you prepare for sales performance review season! Wishing you much success in 2016!

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