How to Include Your Sales Team in the Content Marketing Strategy

June 24, 2021
How to Include Your Sales Team in the Content Marketing Strategy

Should you include your sales team in your company’s content marketing strategy? We say yes!

Why? Well, who knows your prospects and customers better than your sales team? And who understands the features and benefits of your product or service better than your sales team?

Your sales team is an incredible resource and your organization should consider utilizing salespeople for your content marketing strategy.

Your Content Marketing Strategy

When we say content marketing strategy, what exactly are we referring to? In essence, your content marketing strategy is what’s going to drive traffic to your website.

For example, your strategy probably includes:

  • SEO keywords
  • A blogging and social media schedule
  • Other content such as eBooks, webinars, podcasts, a video library, white papers–anything that falls under the “call-to-action” category

Why Involve Sales?

You might be thinking, why does sales need to be involved in this? Isn’t this all the responsibility of the marketing team? Aren’t they the ones that come up with these ideas to produce and publish content? But without the two departments working together, there could be some major knowledge gaps which can affect the success of the business.

You want sales to know what marketing is up to next, and you want marketing to have insights from sales so they can stay on the pulse of what customers want. Plus, involving sales is beneficial for the sales team too. In summary, involving your sales team in this process will make your content marketing strategy even stronger.

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How exactly can you work sales into your content marketing strategy?

1. Keyword Research

Marketing teams have incredible tools at their fingertips today. With an inbound marketing platform like Hubspot or a resource like Google AdWords, determining which keywords are best for your content marketing strategy can be relatively easy. We are able to see that a keyword like “sales best practices” gets 210 searches per month.

What’s not so easy? Knowing who is searching for that keyword. Is your ideal buyer persona searching that keyword? And if they are searching for that keyword, is it because they are simply gathering information? Or are they looking to make a purchase? What was their intention? This is where your sales team comes in.

The sales team has something that your marketing team might not have: personal relationships with prospects and clients. The sales team is in the trenches day-in and day-out. They have their ears to the ground in an intuitive way. And they also have the relationships necessary to ask for help.

So you might want to start involving your sales team by asking them to chat with your loyal customers or best clients. Have them work questions into a discussion with a client like, “When you were searching Google for companies like mine, were ready to make a purchase and what keywords did you search for?” Or “What do you look for when you do research on a company?” And so on.

Sales can be a direct link to clients! Use them!

2. Blogging

Many people are under the impression that blogging is hard. They like to say things like, “I don’t know how to write!” or “I’m not a writer.” I say: that's all head trash!

Anyone can write. I repeat: anyone can write!

The beauty of blogging is that it can be simple. You’re not asking your team to write Pulitzer Prize winning exposés here! The tone for your blog is up to you! It can be different than other writing genres. For CFS, it's all about being clear, conversational, and to the point. Like what you’re reading here! (Do you feel me talking to you? Because I'm talking to you!)

So what should you look for when you ask your sales team to contribute to your company’s blog? I'd say you’re looking for valuable content for your readers—content that will help your audience to improve, grow, learn, or discover something new. At CFS, we believe that your salespeople are subject matter experts. They are the ones that understand your prospects and clients. So pick their brains, and get them writing!

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3. Content Creation

In addition to blogging, your sales team is also an incredible resource for other content creation. Does your marketing team create infographics? Have your sales team feed them copy based on their experiences in the field.

How about eBooks and whitepapers? Ask your sales staff to contribute in this area too! I'm sure they have lots of great ideas.

Want to expand to webinars and podcasts? Sign your salespeople up as moderators and have them interview their prospects, clients, or others in their network.

4. Aligning Both Teams

Your sales and marketing teams are so much more powerful together than they are apart. I hope the above has given you some food for thought, and that you encourage your marketing leaders to include your sales team in your content marketing strategy.

This might sound like a heavy lift for the sales team, but keeping in the know about what's going on with marketing can strengthen sales out in the field. Without alignment, it will be clear which companies can collaborate and which cannot. Plus, you can make it fun! Do some brainstorming over lunch.

Lastly, to make collaboration easier, use your Sales PlayBook! It’s the perfect place to create and manage your content calendar, assign bloggers, and manage scheduling.

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    Content and Intent is the king and queen of modern marketing!

  • Hiresmart - Reply

    Content marketing is a powerful tool to fuel sales process. The key to using that tool effectively is sales and marketing alignment. Thanks for sharing this useful post.

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