Share Wins with Your Sales Team

November 25, 2014
Share Wins with Your Sales Team

Aside from all the delicious pie, my favorite Thanksgiving tradition is going around the table and asking everyone to share something they are thankful for. It’s always wonderful to hear about the great things happening in everyone’s lives!

Looking for some easy sales training ideas? Apply this same method with your sales team! Here are four ways to share wins with your sales team.

1. Debrief wins & analyze the process.

One of the most useful things you can do is to spend time with your team analyzing wins. This is something you may want to include in each of your sales team meetings.

Simply ask a member of the team to spend about 15 minutes discussing a significant recent win. They should be able to answer these questions:

Deal Information
What were the specifics of the deal? What was the problem your client wanted to solve? What solutions did they evaluate?

Roadblocks & Winning Moves
What did you run into during the sales process that caught you off guard, and how did you respond? Did you ever feel you were not going to win the deal? If so, how did you react? Why did your prospect choose to work with you?

Lessons Learned
What did you learn from this experience that you’d like to share with the rest of the team? Is there anything you learned that might impact the sales process moving forward?

2. Share & role practice success stories.

One of key principles in our sales training is “Features tell; stories sell.”

Having a library of success stories that each member of your sales team can comfortably share is a huge asset to their prospecting and selling. These stories should be very simple, just sharing (1) the problem your client faced, (2) the solution you provided, and (3) the business impact of your solution.

Have your team share their own success stories, practice sharing stories from your library of success stories, and even identify stories on the spot based on selling scenarios.

3. Celebrate small wins.

Recognition shouldn’t be limited to closing deals and hitting targets. Celebrate those big achievements, but also take the time to recognize the wins that individually built up to that big achievement.

Make an effort to identify and recognize small wins in every sales team meeting. Wins can be anything from completing a difficult phone call to scheduling a first-time meeting to hitting activity targets.

One idea is to ask each of your team members to recognize one of their peers for a small win each week.

4. Review & troubleshoot lost deals.

I know the focus of this post is wins, but you really shouldn’t stop there. Evaluating losses is not as fun as debriefing wins, but it’s just as important – maybe even more so.

Develop a process to debrief every significant loss. This will help you identify trends and improve your process and approach moving forward. Use the same outline we provided in the win debrief above, documenting the deal information, roadblocks, winning moves, and lessons learned.

How do you share wins and losses with your sales team? Share your ideas in the comments!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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