September is All About Learning and Discovery

September 4, 2018
September is All About Learning and Discovery

As a CEO, VP of Sales, or Sales Leader, it’s your job to make sure your sales reps experience both learning and discovery.

Here at Criteria for Success, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make sure we produce the best content for you: our audience.

We have very strategic monthly themes that we place purposefully at a specific time of the year. With it being back to school season, we decided September is a great time to dive into learning and discovery.

Learning and Discovery: Theme of the Month

In a week, we will release this month’s eBook focused on creating a learning culture for your sales team.

I’m pretty passionate about this topic because a learning culture is exactly what makes me excited to come to work every day! Not only do I learn from my coworkers around me, I am able to help people like you learn as well.

We love learning at Criteria for Success. That’s why we’ve created so many opportunities for you guys to join us while we do it! We produce eBooks, blogs, and videos, have a podcast and webinar series, and train sales teams across the country!

We’re also excited to announce this month’s webinar on learning and discovery with Deb Calvert on September 27th at 2PM EST. The webinar is about “How to Build an Impactful Learning Culture (Within Sales and Beyond!) and you can register to join us here:

Sales Webinar: How to Build an Impactful Learning Culture (Within Sales and Beyond)

Stay tuned for some great podcast episodes about learning and discovery. Check it out on the Let's Talk Sales! feed:


In case you missed it, last month was focused on sales innovation.

Watch the webinar replay here:

Complimentary Webinar: Driving Innovation and Change through Process and Climate

Download the sales innovation eBook now:

Complimentary eBook: Driving Innovation - How to Foster a Culture of Innovation Within Your Team

Listen to our podcast episodes about sales innovation:

Listen and Subscribe to the Let's Talk Sales Podcast! Available on Apple Podcasts

Looking to step outside of your comfort zone? We are actively accepting contributors to write for our blog! All you have to do it email me at You can learn more about the process by visiting our contributor page.

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