Selling Your Story with Tom Jackobs

May 30, 2023
Selling Your Story with Tom Jackobs

Tom Jackobs is an accomplished speaker and coach.

He is the impact pilot at Jackobs Effect Inc. helping small business owners convert leads into quality clients.

He has an interesting career journey starting with theater management and continuing into sales leadership, coaching, and owning a fitness club!

Based in Taipei, he now spends his time empowering business owners with his Impact Sales System.

We hope you enjoy his story!

Discussion with Tom Jackobs:

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Key differences between selling to a person and selling to a company
  • Sharing the “why” behind what you're doing
  • Importance of personal story telling
  • Finding the tie-in between personal stories and product
  • Presentation as a speaker and how to be personable
  • Engaging others in an impactful way through story telling
  • Conveying information about emotion
  • Selling a solid connection

…And so much more!

Featured on this episode:

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