Selling a Service? Here’s How to Script Your Sales Plan

October 31, 2017
Selling a Service? Here’s How to Script Your Sales Plan

If your company is selling a service rather than a tangible product, chances are you’ve run up against some challenges.

Some of the more common problems we’ve heard from our clients’ prospects and customers that are selling a service include:

  • Lack of clarity – prospects don’t understand how the process works and don’t have a clear picture of the service or the timeline
  • Unclear pricing – whether it’s the up front cost or the add-ons or up-sells, prospects aren’t clear on costs, which can result in disaster down the road
  • Don’t know what they don’t know – some prospects literally don’t know what they don’t know! Sometimes this is a result of a competitor telling them one thing, while you are telling them another. Or, they might be convinced they don’t need your services at all because they do not understand the value that you provide

So, let’s explore how to script your sales plan when selling a service.

Selling a Service – Scripting Your Sales Plan

Whether you’re selling a service such as insurance, accounting, banking, consulting, property damage restoration, cleaning, landscaping, or something else—the same runs true: you’ve got to have a strong sales plan in place.

Just like with any sale, you can’t be willy-nilly. Meaning, don’t fly by the seat of your pants! Success is a process, not a moment in time.

Here are steps to scripting a sales plan specific to businesses that are selling a service.

  1. Follow a Process

While it might be “fun” to treat every opportunity and prospect uniquely, this can turn into a nightmare when selling a service. Miss one tiny element and you’re risking a “you never told me that” phone call down the line.

So, follow a process! And use your Sales PlayBook to document every step of this process.

What should be included in your process? Consider the following:

Once you’ve prepared in the above areas, you can then organize your process for each interaction. You’ll first find that you are targeting the right people. And once you reach out, you’ll discover that your messaging flows as you’ve prepared your 30-second commercials, can convey your services properly, and have success stories to back you up.

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  1. Focus on Building Rapport

Now just because you’ve got your process in place, doesn’t mean you should go bulldozing your prospect’s door down to tell them about how great you are. No, no. Take a deep breath!

At CFS we believe that it’s more important for prospects to discover how great you are, rather than being told. This means that building rapport and relationships comes first. This is especially important when selling a service like property damage restoration, cleaning, or any sort of business where employees will be entering someone’s home or office. Trust is key here. So, take the time to build strong relationships first.

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  1. Keep the Lines of Communication Open

I cannot stress this enough: keep the lines of communication open with all prospects and customers. This is, of course, part of what makes great relationships work. But it’s especially important in businesses that are selling a service. Since your prospects and clients are relying heavily on you and your expertise, be clear. Be concise. Be transparent. And respond promptly.

Additionally, be detailed. Make sure your prospects understand exactly what to expect and when. During the selling process, we recommend sending a DEAL email to your prospect. The DEAL document acronym stands for:

  • D – Determine Requirements
  • E – Engage the Client’s Responsibilities
  • A – Assume Responsibilities
  • L – List the Desired Outcomes/Criteria for Success

Following up with a DEAL document after you’ve had a successful meeting with your prospect will ensure that all bases have been covered and that you’re both on the same page.

Have other priority areas when selling a service? Drop me a comment below, I’d love to hear more!

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